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Here's an early working version of xtool. I'm still busy adding preflate, reflate and other things so currently only the zlib function works which means this will not work on Dishonored 2 or DOOM but it will work on most titles.

Drag and drop game files that are zlib compressed on the bat file

Things to test:

* Stability
* Can you cancel installation when xtool was used in setup
* If you have 16 threads or more, make xtool use 100% of your cpu to see if it can handle it
* if you have 32GB+ ram, set high chunk size, something like -c1gb and see if xtool was able to allocate the necessary memory
* If you have potato pc, don't worry I got a job for you check if there are no problems if you are using 1 thread both in encoding and decoding

Whatever you do, don't place preflate_dll.dll near the exe, not yet. else it will fail, the preflate code hasn't been added yet


The file check must report
FC: no differences encountered
if the test went successfully, if it failed kindly upload the file it failed on.

This xtool uses slightly more memory than the 2019 version, I opted for stability than less memory usage

xtool now accepts maths expressions in command line, if you wanted it to use all cores minus 1, you can just write -t100p-1 or -t100-2, totally up to you

Next release/test focuses on:

+ preflate
+ reflate (reflate actually isn't replaced by preflate, it sometimes gives better output than preflate so I'll keep it just in case you are after best results)
+ depth setting
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