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Originally Posted by Alienman2021 View Post
i want to ask how to compreess MP4/AVI Lossless? i used tool that name handbrake but it loss some of quality and i just want to compress my video 100%.
It doesn't matter what tool you use, it's the codec. You need a "lossless video codec" to compress video without any quality degradation but be prepared: they compress a lot worse than lossy codecs. I would recommend H.264 or H.265 lossless.

A lossy codec removes "redundant" data whose loss the human eye and ear can't see or hear anyway. That's why they can compress much better but if you configure them to be "too lossy", you'll see/hear the difference - so called "compression artifact" - and recompression/reencoding results in losses again and again. The actual compression method of a lossy and a lossless codec is the same.
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