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Originally Posted by hch1337 View Post
Basically, first precompress the data, then deduplicate and compress using whatever works best for you. Here's a short, simplified explanation of steps:

1. Precompress
Precompression can be considered as a stage before compressing. Precompression takes care of deflating compressed streams of unknown file formats. Examples of great precompressors are XTool and Precomp. Precomp is a widely used precompressor that comes with PackJPG and PackMP3 which both are great advantages to have. XTool (Now ZTool) is a very interesting precompressor by Razor19211. It uses multiple forms of decompression and is often more successful as Precomp, however, in rare cases Precomp wins over XTool, both have a interesting approach of precompressing data.

A precompressor basically always should expand the data, making it better for compression by a stronger algorithm. However, since Precomp can also effectively compress JPG/MP3 it can also reduce instead of expand, or do both. XTool should always expand the input data.

On this forum you can find the XTool/ZTool topic, download it, and play with it, run some tests.

2. Deduplicate data
Then use SREP, basically, it 'removes' duplicate data, to explain it very simple, reducing the dataset that you're going to compress (and later, decompress). This saves a lot of time since SREP is a relative short process. Lrzip and XDelta are alternatives for SREP. Though usually SREP works best.

3. Compress
Now you're ready to pick a compressor, LOLZ/ZCM/LZMA/NANOZIP or whatever is used nowadays.

4. Make an installer
Also on this forum you can find information and resources on howto make your own (Inno/Freearc) Setup using modules/plugins for the various methods of repacking.

Good luck
But how to sort out different files like
Hd textures
Different languages
From the main game folder
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