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Plugin(s) updated


- Added support for Battlefield 2042 (based on Open-Beta files) in Frostbite 3 plugin


The final release of game might have different compression settings. (Make adjustments where necessary)

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta\Data\Win32\installation\levelsinstallpackage\ cas_01.cas:
Tested 1 file, 405,732,037 => 204,049,188 bytes. Ratio 198.84%
Testing time: cpu 0.20 sec/real 91.37 sec = 0%. Speed 2.23 mB/s

The tools that are currently available are closed source so unless if there are other methods that I don't know about regarding decryption of Avengers game, perhaps you could make a plugin yourself. (Make it your first xtool plugin)
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