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I had one of the first Japanese models without the modem, and I modded and tested tons of them over the years, and I have to tell you that this will have nothing to do with the machine's in-ability to run self-booting backups.

The launching of the audio screen is the most common problem that people have. This can normally be put down to a problem with the disc/media, or an error in the writing process, normally caused by burning with the incorrect software. You said that the copy of MSR that you burned failed to self boot on your console, but booted on your friend's PAL Unit. I would possibly suggest re-burning this disc with one of the latest versions of Nero (which corrected some issues that a few of my friends were having with Shenmue II) and writing it at a slower speed on different media. DC Burning is one of the most complicated things that you can do with a CD Writer, as Bootable CD-Rs are basically like a backwards Enhanced CD. They also bend several rules of the CD code (tracks of less than 3secs etc) which ultimately makes them a bitch to work with, so you have to be patient with them.

It could of course be that your DC is just getting older. I have 3 Dreamcasts myself, and only one of them is still functioning properly. The other two both have power issues with regards to the laser. The game returning to the System Menu half way through an intro, suggests to me that the power is dying. This is a common problem which I have seen in a lot of consoles, most over the age of 3 years actually, so your not alone. I think you really just have to be patient with it now. There are things that you can do to prevent it, such as trying to keep the console as cool as possible, but it will only prolong an inevitable process.

Games with CDDA tracks are bootable with the Utopia 1.1, but it is slightly more difficult to write one. I actually haven't done any ripping for a long time, i don't even have a BB adapter anymore, but if you PM me, I'll try to run you through it.

I hope this helped anyway
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