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Thanks, i already try that too,
I have down clock the GPU.

My temps is good.
While in gaming..

i monitor my temp,
Clock mhz with ASUS GPU Tweaker II

Yesterday i have install windows 7 Sp1
Same problem agin

I can play far cry new dawn or most of the new game.
Without this error...
This only happens for some old games,
not all of them.

Mad max is 2015 gamea so i have install 350 nvidia version drivers that release in 2015
Same error.

Now i know it's not the OS or Drivers.
I have NVME 970 EVO, and i use it as GPT Drive,
now i have Converted it to MBR cause i though it was the problem, no its not.

I can play far Cry New Down, Devil May Cry 5 at 60FPS 1080p in High Graphics even GPU OC. Temp are about 60c GPU, CPU 55C above.

I have try BIOS Default. That is not the problem either.

I think it is the AMD CPU 2700X.
Cause this games are old and they don't recognize Zen Technology..

If anyone you guys have
motherboard please try installing MAD MAX and see if it works.

Please help me to solved this problem.

Additional info:
this only happens on video, this crash happens on first intro video on mad max if i skip it before it crash i can play the game untill the next video. Mad max use bink video but there is only arc files as i remembered.. This crash happen when the game playing it videos.
Keep Up The Good Works!

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