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Originally Posted by mrshappy View Post
Well, it works with AR2 V2.
You just have to select the memory card unit to format and then press L1+L2+R1+R2+square. It will prompt you to format the memory card and you just have to choose yes.
But this isn't very useful if you have a problem like I do.
If your AR2 created a corrupted file on your memory card, you won't be able to delete it with the PS2 Browser and if you select it with AR2 or Mega Memory Manager Plus it crashes and you can't do anything.
So, is there any other way to format the memory card?
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You can also use Mckiller, and ESR free mcboot.
Both options work with a modded ps2, as it must be burnt into a disc.
If your console is not modded... ask a friend with a modded one.
You may find and download them very easy, as they are freeware.
I have both of them, but donīt know if itīs permitted to post it here, even if is freeware.
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