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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
Frostbite 3 Configuration updated


Updated to support xtool 0.4.4+
I tested it with samples of the ME Andromeda game (cas_08.cas) using the library libzstd.dll v1.2.0 together with XTool 0.3.11 (Before changing parse parameters) and it worked fine (Ratio 171.10%).
XTool 0.4.5 (with libzstd.dll v1.2.0) no does not inflate the precompressed file (Ratio 100.0%).

arc.exe a -ep1 -r -ed -s; -w.\temp -mxtool:c32mb:mfrostbite3,zstd data.arc "pack\*"

[External compressor:xtool]
header    = 0
default   = -c64mb -t100p
packcmd   = "xtool.exe" precomp { -option} --dbase - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = "xtool.exe" decode -t100p - - <stdin> <stdout>

Files near XTool.exe 
libzstd.dll (v1.2.0)

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