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Originally Posted by L0v3craft View Post
@Razor12911 please can you release an updated plugin for Watch Dogs Legion? I tried with this and with different xtool versions but precompression doesn't work.
After several tests, I've come to the conclusion that precompression on this game is not worth it and here's why:

1. Weak compression is used and a strong compression algorithm does still work on the compressed data
2. A custom lz4 variant was used for the compression of this game meaning the public lz4 decompressor does not work.
3. I did get lz4 decompressor from ProFrager once before, it works on most streams but some get left behind as decompression just straight up fails, worse at times it corrupts the memory buffer causing xtool to crash.
4. All streams that are decompressed will have xdelta diff files contributing to negative ratio worsening the compression ratio you would have gotten otherwise.

So I decided to no longer work on this game as it seems to be a pain in the ass to only gain 1gb (probably at best), not worth the trouble, sorry
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