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Originally Posted by Cesar82 View Post
Great decision.

Perhaps it would be a good option to separate into two classes, one with links to "Precompressors / Compressors" (like XTool) and the other links to graphical user interfaces (GUI) that use multiple compressors (Most of the current list of Compressors).

I think this one was missing: Windows Phone Installer (bug free), and if possible also link beside separating by "/" the version with DiskSpan GUI support: Windows Phone Installer (DiskSpan GUI)

There are also these versions here that can be placed side by side: BlackBox UltraARC Support / Black Box DSG (BBS DSG)
If you have time would you like to write up the list how it should appear? I don't keep up with most of the compressors etc these days.
Just some kind of organized sorted list would be great, no need for the links etc as I can add all those. So basically if you just re-arrange the text, I will add the hyper-links:


Advanced Setup Creator (ASC)

Advanced Setup Creator (New ASC Template)

ASIS: Advanced Simple Installer

Black Box v2

Black Box DSG Designer

Carl Repacks Installer v2

Conversion Designer/Installer Creator

Custom Installer Ultimate v3 (CIUv3)

Enhanced Installer

Final CorePack Installer UI

FitGirl Repack NOTE: This is a Re-make. It is not Figirl’s actual Installer.

G Installer

Game Installer Designer (GID)

[GSERIES] Custom Installer Ultimate V2g

Light Installer Script (LIS) - DiskSpan_GUI

Metro Installer

Metro Install Creator/Windows Phone Installer

Metro UI Installer

Old Codex Installer

Portable Installer

Redshank Stylish Installer UI

Simple Installer

Windows 11 Fluent Design Installer UI

Windows Phone Installer (WPI)

Windows Phone Installer (WPI) CorePack Style

Windows Phone Installer (WPI) CorePack Mixed

WUI Lightbox Installer

‘yener90’s’ Inno Project Source Codes
***Tutorial using CI 8.0.0***


Advanced Compressor (Nanozip)

Conversion Quick Archive Packer

DarckSide Compressor

DiskSpan GUI ***How to use Diskspan GUI v2+***

Knight Compressor

Masked Compression

Mini Compressor AIO 2021

Newpack Compressor

Shadow Compressor v3.1

Tiny Compressor

Ultimate Conversion Compressor (UCC)

UltraARC for Inno Setup (Conversion Tool)

XTool 2020
Can't find a Game Conversion? Check the 'Conversion INDEX'

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