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Edison007: I've looked through this thread, but I didn't find the answer to my question there. SrepInside could be the solution to a strange problem. If you had the 64bit version of the 32bit cls-srep.exe variant, you might find out if it could solve the following problem. I attach the incriminated package. What's interesting is that there is no text output for the SREP unpacker.

I was given an installer that works fine with the test data under 32bit Win XP, using SREP 3.92 with the icon version. Also, on 64bit. I have the strange case, using ISDone 0.6 and the base unarc.dll (2014 release), that if I replace the 32MB test file with the real multi-GB archive (2.58GB), I get the strange situation that at 6.65%, the installer simply hangs (it would finish at 25% with the first archive, 4db in total) and the Xtool process just idles. (v0.12 x86) But, this only occurred under 64bit Windows. (Win7 SP1 and Win10) Not on Win XP and it runs fine there. The arc.ini and cls.ini files are configured correctly, because then I would not be able to unpack the archive in the command line window. This was fine under 64bit Windows. With Profrager's cls-rep 0.3.3, this seems fine, my only problem with it is that. I can't limit its memory requirements. 4-500MB more than if I used SREP.exe instead. (~800MB vs. 1200MB) optimized for 1GB of memory.

Also, the installer should be as small as possible, avoiding unnecessary frills (videos, music, etc..), files not used when unpacking. (7.exe/dll, nz, rz, precomp and any more.)
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