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Aaaarrghh! Created LOLZ packed ARC archive with following switches and don't decompresseable! Its the best results from my game recompression. This errors use the oh14 switch or gm01 or lm4? CLS.ini issue?? (Any file its works.) LOLZ-bug?

The test package:

ERROR: general (de)compression error in lolz:dt:dtb1:dtw1:dtm1:dto1:dtd1:mtt1:mt4:d128m:tt 32:oh14:gm01:lm4:fba4096:mc1023

The switches posted in the topic

Any tips from fixing??

UPDATE: Tested more switches combination use gm01:lm4:oh12/14 trio. Found the bug! Use lm0 its works! Use lm1/2/3/4 with or without oh12/14 and gm01 switches crashing now!! Tested some cls.ini conmmands, not good. Tested any cls-lolz.dll file, its no good.

Doooh! 2.80GB size better than 2.92GB and require more 30+ MB gain from fit the DVD5 size the game.
Will hope find correct and best results.

The my not decompresseable package send to member ProFrager from testing and searching error.

LOLZ v21a7 its better compression than v22c4b???

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