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Its xTool can replaceable via old precomp038/04x exe files from unpacking? This XT.exe file not running from Win XP x86 OS. Any alternative from native x86 compatible unpacking via CLS or any files?

LOLZ unpack its working from WinXP, used with CLS-LOLZ files.

UPDATE: Checked old v0.2 package and yesss, XT.exe file its works from XP! Make, any custom compression schema from WAV files only from testing now, in few hours/days and testings first ~3.9GB's repacks archive unpacking via CMD-mode.

Hmmm, make again older NSIS-based installer from my repacks? With modded/localized SFX-based ARC unpacks and/or hibridized UI?

Example: and

any update coming soon.

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