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Well, please tell me if I left any of your questions unanswered. That was a long post.

1. The xbox will only output in HD under NTSC. In order for the xbox to output in 480p, 720p, or 1080i, you will need to switch to NTSC. Even then, you must also own the advanced video HD cable to output component. And you may need to patch each game's xbe to use 480p+ since it is technically not supported by most games.

2. Changing video modes cannot be done in XBMC. XBMC will output whatever the xbox is set to. The only video format settings are for changing the skin formatting. The video switching was removed because people kept clicking it, not knowing what it was, and then complaining that it had screwed their xbox.

3. As for button combinations. When the Enigmah software loads, Press (A) for Pal, and (B) to change to NTSC.

5. How are you burning the image? When writing to a disk, are you writing it like any ole' file, or are you doing an image burn? If you send it to your xbox, then you need to extract the image first and send the files. Evox has an FTP. Also, use cd-rw's.
I do not know how old your build is, but look here:

You can launch the video mode selector from FTP. Your FTP client should have a "Send raw ftp command" somewhere.

you want to send this raw command:

obviously you will need to change the path to point to your folder.
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