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I know you guys are probably never going to look at a thread
regarding a topic this old again - but worth a try

I'm a UK Xbox owner (PAL) that had an old version of XBMC
on it for many years.

Since I work in the USA, I brought it and my Network HDD
over with the intention of watching movies, TV rips etc on
my HDTV over here as I've heard that the Xbox can upscale
to 720p and 1080i.

I had tried this before (when I had a regular Analogue TV
over here 2yrs ago) and bought a little device to convert
PAL to NTSC - but the best I got was a picture that
cascaded down the screen too fast to interpret (it was in
colour though).

I've ordered the Xbox --> Composite cable which should
be arriving soon that may allow me to watch HD quality
(sortof) output.

I attempted to load an updated (bleeding edge as they
called it) copy of XBMC onto the Xbox last night (which
appears to have worked as I can see the new screens).

It is the latest T3CH version.

However I'm still getting the cascading picture on my

I've FTP'd the Enigmah image to E/APPS/ but as I can't
make out what the screen is displaying - I have no idea
what keypresses will get me to the correct menus and
options to launch it

As I understand it - I can also copy this image to a CD,
but I hear people have trouble with the Xbox reading
both CD-R and CDRW.

I have a softmodded (not chipped) Xbox - will the
Enigmah Video Selector work on a softmodded box ?

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to which format
CD I should use, or tips on creating it (someone said
something about putting it on a DVD and either putting
a 1.5Gb file before or after it - wasn't clear).

Or if someone has the image on their Xbox and uses
the T3CH version of the XBMX, could they tell me a
list of button-presses to get to the image so I can
launch it (remember I can't make out the picture on
the screen - it's cascading too fast).

Can someone suggest any other way to do this ?

Or - if anyone has a Sony XBR4 HDTV, could they
let me know if there is a setting available for it to
accept PAL (I will still need to use NTSC to get HD
but at least I'll be able to read what's on the screen
in order to do it).

Thanks in advance,

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