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Thanks for the documentation. Brought me a few steps further (I didn't even know that xtool has mermaid/leviathan support until I read your documentation lol).
But what I don't understand right now is what to do if there is no signature (or repeating pattern) before an oodle header or if the pattern is different before many headers.

Currently I'm dealing with mermaid (8C 0A) and there is no visible pattern before the header, just always different random bytes.


In a different test I was looking for kraken header (8C 06). There seems to be a repeating pattern, namely 6 bytes (00 00 00 00 01 00) + 1 or 2 random byte. The 9th byte is always X (58).

Maybe I have to work with Conditions, but unfortunatelly you forgot to explain them somehow in the documentation
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