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In Pathfinder Kingmaker, there is a folder called Bundles, containing among other unity files with *_bundle ending but without extension. These are about 16.6gb.

I can inflate them using latest xtool(with unity.dll from here) and liblz4.dll from ztool(~65kb), however I have to set solid = 0 in arc.ini for xtool. With solid ON it stop inflating at around 800mb into, giving only 17.4gb. I don't know if it's bug or unity files are supposed to work without solid. Otherwise it work fine, just wanted to mention it.
(On side note, punity will not work with that liblz4.dll, give exception loading it.)

Now I am thinking its maybe better to turn off solid for most precompressors and engines I use, such as crilayla, unreal, unity, anvil, kraken, zstd... also mp3, ogg, jpg etc.. except deflate? It seems too flaky and I don't have time to test manually every time 10+gb of data whether it inflated correctly everything or stopped at some point. I know this problem existed for long time.
Anyone with experience, for precomp tools alone solid turned off should not have much impact on final size right?
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