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When I use the xtool:zstd method for "Star Wars Battlefront 2", I get an "archive corrupt" error when extracting the archive. When using the frostbite3 plugin with the xtool:frostbite3:zstd method, the compression stays at 0% and there was no progress even though I waited all day, but the processor is constantly running around 70%. When I try it on an 800 megabyte .cas file, there is no problem. When I start compressing the 20 gigabyte Patch folder, it stays at 0.1% and does not progress.

Can someone with knowledge on the subject help?

Using latest xtool and libraries.

[External compressor:xtool]
header    = 0
packcmd   = xtool2020\xtool.exe precomp { -moption} -c32mb -t100p --dbase --dedup - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = xtool2020\xtool.exe decode -t100p - - <stdin> <stdout>
arc a -s; -dsgerpn -lc- -di -hp13213 -cfg"C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeArc\bin\arc.ini" -wD:\Temp -mxtool:frostbite3:zstd+srep:m3f:l512:m512+4x4:b64mb:lzma:ultra:64m:bt4:fb273:lc8:mc1000000 ..\data1.bin * -r

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