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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post

Games supported
Crysis 3 (for now)

Place cryengine.dll and the ced file (cryengine database) near xtool.exe along with required libraries and use -mcrysis3

This only decrypts streams, you have to involve zlib method and set depth to 1 (I recommend the method -mcrysis3+zlib+preflate)
zlibwapi.dll (preflate_dll.dll optional) is required
Credits to these guys here

Some tests
Tested 1 file, 1,048,043,508 => 531,745,904 bytes. Ratio 197.09%
Testing time: cpu 0.42 sec/real 15.69 sec = 3%. Speed 33.90 mB/s
Tested 1 file, 972,835,170 => 600,518,988 bytes. Ratio 162.00%
Testing time: cpu 0.41 sec/real 14.68 sec = 3%. Speed 40.91 mB/s

This is the last release in a long time as I have become extremely busy with stuff going on in my life and have very little time if any to continue with the development of this project, this plugin itself took about 4 days to do, not because it was difficult but I barely have time. I have tried my best to make xtool open as possible to the community for anyone of you to continue its development by creating additional plugins for it. I will only update the documentation so you can educate yourselves and only upload the necessary tools that will also assist some of you to making your very own plugin.

Sorry members of ff
Thanks and can't wait for it to try stuff out myself

And good luck with all what's ongoing onto your live atm and hope to see you back sometime next year maybe
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