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Anyone noticed xtool and unreal.dll plugin are broken for Street Fighter V since xtool 0.3.9 + unrealplugin R3?
Don't know about other games, I own SF5 and did personal repack with 0.3.9 + unreal.dll R3, .pak files are decrypted normally.
Tried to use it on 0.3.21 + unreal.dll R5 -> nothing is decrypted at all

Btw, yes, I used -d1. Maybe I overlooked something, but if that's true can you please explain to me what am I doing wrong.

For sample I used small 20mb pakchunk50-WindowsNoEditor.pak

With xtool.exe 0.3.9 + unreal.dll R3 - WORKING, decrypted, inflated
[External compressor:xtool]
header = 0
packcmd   = xtool precomp -mue4:m1:k5F6153346D665A4B384D3573354B5743324C7A325673466E474B4937617A676C+zlib -d1 -c128mb -t100p --dbase - - <stdin> <stdout>
With xtool.exe 0.3.21 + unreal.dll R5 - NOT WORKING, nothing is decrypted (m1 is not needed in latest unreal.dll version)
[External compressor:xtool]
header = 0
packcmd   = xtool precomp -mue4:k5F6153346D665A4B384D3573354B5743324C7A325673466E474B4937617A676C+zlib -d1 -c128mb -t100p --dbase - - <stdin> <stdout>
Used -mxtool+srep:m2f:l512+lolz arc.exe pack command on both.
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