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Originally Posted by Cesar82 View Post
Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to call these IsDone functions below if I do not use the ISFindFiles e and ISPrecompExtract and ISSRepExtract functions.

      if not SrepInit(ExpandConstant('{app}\'), 512, 0) then

      if not PrecompInit(ExpandConstant('{app}\'), 128, 0) then

      if not FileSearchInit(True) then
IsDone's help is all in Russian and it would help a lot if someone who understands the language could share this information.
I will only use IsArcExtract, IsRarExtract, IS7ZipExtract and ISxDeltaExtract.
Data taken from Help file..
function ISDoneInit (RecordFileName:string; TimeType, Comp1, Comp2, Comp3:Cardinal; WinHandle, NeededMem:longint; callback: TCallback):boolean;
When we initialize the ISDoneInit(...),This SrepInit,PrecompInit & FileSearchInit takes their default values.

function SrepInit (TmpPath:PAnsiChar; VirtMem, MaxSave:Cardinal):boolean;
function PrecompInit (TmpPath:PAnsiChar; VirtMem:cardinal; PrecompVers:single):boolean;
For Srep and Precomp if you want to extract the temp file [Virtualmem_00.srep and others] to specific location then use it.otherwise it is completely optional.
function FileSearchInit (RecursiveSubDir:boolean):boolean;
For FileSearchInit, subdirectories scanning is enabled by default.
If you specify true Then when specifying the input file name containing the mask (eg * .pcf), files will be searched in the same in all subdirectories from the specified path. If false - Only in the specified folder.
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