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Hi all, i've been away from this stuff for quite some time, but i just wanted to get back into this, so i'm trying to run XTool with Freearc but everytime freearc runs it crashes instantly with XTool, can someone help me out as to why is this happening?

Other methods are working fine (Precomp,PZLib,SRep,Delta,Lolz)

These are the parameters :

Arc_mar14.exe a -ep1 --dirs -r --archive-comment="%comment%" --workdir=C:\_Out\$$work_dir$$\ -mxtool+srep+lzma:a1:mfbt4:d256m:fb128:mc2000 "C:\_Out\Setup-XT+S+L%1.Rpk" "%dir%\*"
Here is my Arc.ini :

[External compressor:xtool]
header    = 0
packcmd   = xtool.exe precomp -mzlib -c32mb -t100p --dbase - - <stdin> <stdout>
unpackcmd = xtool.exe decode -t50p - - <stdin> <stdout>

[External compressor:srep]
header = 0
packcmd   = srep64 -m5f $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp
unpackcmd = srep64 -d -s $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp $$arcdatafile$$.tmp
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