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XTool 2020 (Database Maker)

Database Maker/Generator is part of xtool and this post is dedicated to explaining how it works.

If xtool does not have a plugin designed to work for a certain input or game but if for example you managed to extract (not unpack) streams a certain file has then you order xtool to create a plugin in a form of a database file which can then be used within the program.

The syntax is as follows:
xtool generate [parameters] extracted_streams original_data database_output
  -m#  - codec to use for precompression
  -c#  - scanning range of precompressor [16mb]
  -t#  - number of working threads [50p]
the inputs of both extracted_streams and original_data can either be a file or a folder (wildcards/masks) are accepted.

xtool.exe generate -mxcompress "VehicleHRLiveries.bff_extract\*" "VehicleHRLiveries.bff" pcars.xtl

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