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Originally Posted by Masquerade View Post
That is all you need: xtool x86 + crilayla.dll

I don't know what the v is for in your packcmd though:
I have no idea of this "v" as a parameter.
I looked at the older sources codes and since version "CIUv2 v2.0.3.9 U15.2 (2018-10-28) in "UltraARC 2900 R6" (modifyed by Simorq) has this parameter "v" in crilayla method.
Until the version "UltraArc 2900 R5" (CIUv2 v2.0.3.9 U15.1 (2018-10-06)) there was no such parameter "v" in the cirilayla command (Only: XTool e: precomp:t100p:crilayla - - <stdin> <stdout>)
In the image you can see which original parameter has been replaced.
If anyone knows what this parameter "v" refers to please post it here.
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