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Originally Posted by nicholas2006 View Post
Thanks for the awesome tool.

It works wonderfully in 99% cases but I recently came across with a game called UnderMine and xtool seems to not do anything..
GFS shows zlib 135 MB > 226 MB and I'm using the following method: -mzlib+preflate -c128mb -t2

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

*edit: I used different keywords to search and found my answer in a different thread (issue being it was dynamic stream). But any other input may be helpful!
these were probably false positives but you can try using -mzlib+reflate to see what happens.

Originally Posted by Snapppr6 View Post
hi razor12911
in any data type we can use xtool 2008 and 1908
2008 currently only supports deflate compressed data.

Originally Posted by Masquerade View Post
Thank you for the dedup mode, it is working well.

Mad Max = 43kb deduplication file made

I expect that with more duplicated streams, the file size of course will increase - is there a limit on how large the file could reach? or could it reach astronomical sizes (20+mb), in which case, packaging it inside a setup would appear irregular.
these deduplication files are actually compressible, try compressing any of the ones you have generated so far and see what happens. Inno Setup compresses resources it uses so...

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