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oodle for ACO

DataPC.forge (273.088.512 Bytes)

with srep64:m3f+lzma2

260mb => 548mb => 195mb (205.152.256 Bytes)
Compression time: 192secs
Decompression time: 62secs

AFR(:a2) with in/out patch 
260mb => 548mb => 195mb (204.939.264 Bytes)
Compression time: 144secs
Decompression time: 118secs
For decompression used all threads

Only precompress:
Precompress time: 63secs
Decompress time: 55secs

Precompress time: 18secs
Decompress time: 105secs
So xtool is at least two times faster than AFR in decompression, but ~3.5 times slower in precompression
Haters gonna hate

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