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Well, I'll check that.
Note that I tested xtool with farcry 4 too. And it seems files are not expanded as much as they could be. 24Gb=>30Gb. As a result there is a poor compression. I used a tool made by a certain edison007, and the compression was better, but the script used to decompress all that was a bit more complex. The game is still available on of course.
If you want to make a donation for the administrator, in Palestine, you can contact him. And if you want to see me in Paris to give me 1 million € so that I can fully devote myself to posting on this forum, and stop working (think my boss can't bear to see me any more), you have to know that I agree. We can meet at the procope for example to talk about that.

My target for the s&p 500: 2100 points. The housing and stock bubble will pop, sometime.

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