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Well, times change. The generations will probably be a little more stricter as time goes by, since the younger adult audiance know how games can be.

I mean, when kid's parents had games on nintendos in the late 80's/earlt 90's, and lose interest, the image of those "harmless" games stick with them. I know alot of adults in their late twenty's and early 30's that don't play games. And to know how much violence are in games, you would have to play them (aside from the news from time to time). When violent games are bought for their children, they usually don't watch them to play it long enouph to know how violent or how adult themed it may be.

Yes, the ratings are there, but parents do ignore them. And refering to my first paragraph, the ratings won't be ignored as much in the future. The people buying them for their children, are also going to be buying games for themselves. They know how much the violence and sex reference would have evolved.
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