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well of course adults should play bounty, after all, its adults making the games rite? john carmack is an adult, yet he made the doom trilogy besides, its always good to go and play an online game with a 30 year old guy or woman that doesnt call u a cheater every time u kill them precisely cos they are not kids. So yeah U SHOULD besides im telling you GO KILL PEOPLE ONLINE NOW!!!! :P
I didn't ban you, BW did!

[QUOTE]Are you by chance a poet or writer ? Just wondering, your writing style is quite a shock to those of us who are used to illiterate warez kiddies going "OMG WT!F whErEz Da CRACKS !" all the time. You should bundle your signatures and get them published :D[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Ever though that you never got viruses because...
... Norton didn't find them?[/QUOTE]
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