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Yeah well u see this is the whole problem of society, mum goes into the local game shop, and buys max payne, manhount or gta for her 13 year old kid, the age thingis are there for a reason and if a game is mature rating like max payne for the amount of violence or/and reference or actions of sex wich are not suitable for a 13 year old kid, most of u might think its a stupid thing this, but its how it is, and sometimes people should think about this.
I didn't ban you, BW did!

[QUOTE]Are you by chance a poet or writer ? Just wondering, your writing style is quite a shock to those of us who are used to illiterate warez kiddies going "OMG WT!F whErEz Da CRACKS !" all the time. You should bundle your signatures and get them published :D[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Ever though that you never got viruses because...
... Norton didn't find them?[/QUOTE]
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