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Question Setup created with InstallShield 6.3

Hi, I'm trying to include some modified/updated files with a game that uses InstallShield 6.3 (released in 2001, I know).

My main problem is, the new files don't go into the CAB archive(s) but directories on the disk, so mainly I should only need to update data1.hdr. i6comp doesn't seem able to deal with this, or at least I haven't found out how. It's fair to say I'm a total newbie.

I've come across the much more powerful iscab.exe, but the version I have (11.50) isn't suited to these old files. It crashes with a C++ runtime error ("abnormal program termination"), apparently while trying to rebuild the .CAB and .HDR files - these are 0 bytes when it crashes. It does a nice job replacing the files in the game directories, though.

Any chance to get my hands on iscab.exe from Installshield 6.3?

Any other way to achieve my goal?

Thanks for all suggestions.

P.S. I know there's a workaround (modifying some MD5 hashes in data1.hdr), but that's the quick & dirty way. And being able to include some new files in the install would be soooo nice...
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