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CIU V2/V3 Designer - Suggestion

Your job is getting great.

This is all that conversion creators need.

I have some ideas for you if you want any suggestions.
- In the Equalizer tab of the designer if you want you can change "Line Position" to "Anchor" because this will be changed to the next versions in setup.ini.
- The alignment positions will also be used in 2 axes, for some components like LangBox and Equalizers in setup.ini. Position=<x>,<y> as Position=center,bottom (the values left and Top will be decremented if the value is right/bottom).
It was not included, but soon it will be included in the script.

In box mode, the FlagByLine and FlagBoxAlignment keys can be used with different values and alignments for each line, separating the values with a comma.
If you use right alignment you may need to use the FlagBoxWidth key.
Example for 10 languages in 3 lines:
You are using the script.
If your project is going to take a long time to complete it might be better to work with version beta 3.
There will be several changes in the next versions.

Any questions you have about any CIU operation can ask me for PM.

In beta version 4 of, all flags in the CIU source code folder will be removed.
The flags will be created at run time allowing you to configure various effects.

I will send you the source code for version by PM for you to understand better and prepare for version (if you wish).

Thank you for working on a DESIGNER tool for CIU.
PS: Gupta I sent you a PM.

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