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Originally Posted by fabrieunko View Post
Hello, I happen to have this little problem

Acces violation at address 774E4073 in module 'ntdll.dll' read of address 00000000

I use the 2004 version under window 10
Reporting a random "Acces violation" error without reporting the steps taken for it to occur doesn't make much sense.
It is not possible for me to replicate it in order to try to prevent it from happening.
There is an error on the tools page which always happens when extracting the output file multiple times without closing DiskSpan GUI.
I think this "CoInitalize" error is due to IsDone not being made to run more than once in an install, because CoInitalize is used in the progressbar display, so it only initializes the progress bar when initializing the DSG and terminates when shut down the DSG. I have not discovered the real reason for such an error.
So thanks for the info, but it doesn't help much if you don't know the steps to make it happen.
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