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Originally Posted by fabrieunko View Post
Hello, I have a question. when you choose the GOG, STEAM or UWP method, what exactly is this? must you necessarily choose a method? or does it not really matter?
These options are only used with the CIU.
When enabled the option of choosing the type when performing the conversion, an extra section [InstallerSettings] will be added in Records.ini with the key InstallerType=.
When launching the multi-install compatible installer like CIU the installer will start in the mode defined in this key.
As an example CIU will or won't insert keys in registry, or create shortcuts to different executables on desktop, or display certain play button depending on choice of installation type obtained in Records.ini generated during compression by DiskSpan GUI.

For unsupported installers this doesn't change anything when making any choice, whether or not to enable the combobox by checking the checkboxes in DiskSpan GUI's developer mode.
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