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DiskSpan GUI v2.0.0.5

Updated DiskSpan GUI to v2.0.0.5 in the first post.
Special thanks to @KaktoR for all the work testing compressions and creating the DiskSpan GUI database configurations.
- Added oOdle Selkie and oOdle Hydra codecs (in XTool method) in DiskSpan GUI. 
- Removed oOdle Leviatan codec (in XTool method) in DiskSpan GUI.
- Removed ZTool support from DiskSpan GUI (zt_zlib/zzlib methods).
- Removed poodle support from DiskSpan GUI (poodle/zoodle methods). 
- Removed temporarily Bethesda plugin (R3) (xtool:mskyrim method) until it works again in a future plugin update.
- Added temporarily "xtool_skyrim" method using old Bethesda plugin (R1) version and XTool 0.3.9 (working). 
- Added search for oOdle oo2core_#_win64.dll libraries in game folder.
  >> When using oOdle methods and the library is not found in the game folder, the libraries in the "OodleRec\Libraries" folder will be used. 
- Added new presets for native FreeArc methods and renamed some of the previous methods that only work using SPLIT mode.
  >> If you use SPLIT mode and use FA-BEST_SP, FA-MAX_SP, FA-ULTRA_SP methods will have better compression because compression masks will be used. 
- Added presets for LOLZ methods (From now on the lolz method with its parameters will not be displayed in the DiskSpan GUI interface).
  >> If you need to know what parameters are in each preset refer to the [Compression Methods] section of the "DSG_Arc.ini" file. 
- Added option to calculate an expression using <expr:1.2+2*3:auto> to be used in MT memory usage calculation in method line.
  >> The "auto" parameter indicates that it will be converted to kb, mb, gb, tb, etc automatically. If you use any other value it will be included in the line after the result (":auto" parametter is optional). 
- Fixed some minor bugs and put some optimizations visually into the interface. 
- Updated DiskSpan GUI database to version (Thanks to KaktoR).
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