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Old vs. newest compression schools compare

Repacked again my very old MSTS REPACK compare the newest compression techniques.

MSTS 2004 HUN (repacked in year 2010!* Newest repack in last time 2021):

Old, ace*pcf.arc, 6 files: 1 694 461kB (ARC file, store --> PCF file --> ARC -mx)
New, one Data-1.arc file: 998 000kB (xZLib+srep+lolz)
Compare1: 1 742 537kB (no zlib precompression, SREP+LZMA only)
Compare2: 1 759 557 kB (ARC -mx only)
Compare3: 1 147 153 kB (xZLib+srep+LZMA)

Old, Data_arc.arc: 465 445kB (ARC file, rep:64mb --> ARC -mx)
New, Data-2.arc: 401 611kB (xZLib+srep+lolz)

Old, Snd.uha file: 186 970kB (ARC with TTA --> Uharc 0.6 -m3)
New, Snd-0.arc file: 181 873kB (msc+rep+4x4)

Binaries, old: 4225kB --> New: 4102kB (ARC only compression.)**

*use with P4 and 768MB RAM!
Yes! ~2.245GB ---> ~1.515GB. Installed game size: 7.4GB
Old version install time with Pentium B430 CPU and 1GB RAM: 62 minutes. (+/- few seconds.)
New version install time with Pentium B430 CPU and 1GB RAM: ~45 minutes! (44m38.55s)

**arc.exe a -lc1024 -ld1024 -ep1 -ed -s -r -w.\ Data.bin -mrep:256mb+exe2+delta+lzma:128mb:ultra:bt4:fb273:m c1023:lc8 "Data\*"

Note: xZLIB 0.12 x86, SREP x64 with m3f:a2 and LOLZ defaults with modified to d128m:tt16


Any huge compression results attached in the file. Its will compress now ~22GB's MSTS game. (3nd variant with mods.)
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