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Very Well Put. Most of it is crap.. But then again, so are all the console games. we have a few good franshise games.. which are still released as mostly crap because developers are rushed and the Publisher knows we will still buy it... I play mostly BF2.. the only FPS I know that has ONE Game MODE.. It took a year from the release to get a second.. Rushed & Buggy and we all suffer because. ultimatley we bought it.. that was all they wanted.. not saying don't buy games... but I always like to test them before I fork up the dough.. 40-50 bucks for a 5 hour game.

Example - Tomb Raider Legend $50 - 7 hours to puzzling..

And I will never pay per month to play a game.. Sorry WOW fans.

Worth Playing: StrongHold 2, SimCity3000, Half-Life 2, Halo

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