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DABhand I don't really agree with that. Not that I have dealt so much with pirated games but I have friends who does nothing but download games all day. I have rarely seen anyone of them play with a trainer or cheated in a game. I can recall perhaps 2 times I have seen or heard that from any of them.

I also think quertas have some good points. Not to justify downloading games but how games are made today. Still its not the developers thats the problem. Its us. The potential buyers of the games. Because the gamemarket of today is so focused on very few genres and those are what gamers buy. Adventure games are almost dead, very few RPG's creates any money at all for devs. Its an evil circle. They produce more and more fps because they know we will buy it and they won't do any adventure games because they know a lot of people won't buy it.

Add the fact that a game take about 3-5 years to develop (some even longer) and thats for a regular fps game with an own engine. Add 1-2 years if the game is going to contain something. Just look at stalker. I see it as a good example of things. It promised totally living-by-itself-AI but it has been dumbed down a bit now to even get the game to stores anytime soon. Sure the devs aren't the best but its still a challenge for any dev to create a real working AI. Like Oblivion, it has its moments in terms of AI but mostly it does nothing but stupid things that changes nothing or gives anything except that NPC 1 talks to NPC 2 and says the same thing over and over again.

Then we have the people that are creating different games but are too overhyped for their own good. Like Peter Molyneux with Black&White. Neither B&W1 or B&W2 can be seen as finished in any way. 2 years more of development would probably make those games much better. Problem is that we gamers want the games NOW and not Later. Add the pressure from the publisher that won't fund a game for 10years without seeing any money from it. That sums up in that many games are released earlier than they should be and when they hit the market they are so overhyped of half-finished features that are buggy or almost not working.

The sad but true reality. What I am afraid of is that the gamermarket is about to create its own death because it always goes for safe releases that will create money. Look at all the follow-up games that is sure to make money. Quake 4, Doom3, Battlefield 2 (and very soon Battlefield 2142 (3)). Very rarely a new series is created unless its a FPS or similar.

The game industry needs some new blood and a fresh start now that it can deliver immersive games that really gives a good feeling and most important a fresh feeling with something new instead of just better gfx.
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