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errrr negative feedback?

Its quite a long post ill give you that, but did you want someone to ultimately say "yes your right for stealing games" or something?

Yes most games dont have that replay ability, but some do. But in the end thats not what your paying for, or in your case very much not paid for.

If you want a game thats fun and makes you go back to it, think of some MMORPG's like EVE online or World of Warcraft.

Now the reason why most warez users get bored with games quickly is this, a high percentage of them usually steal a game play it a bit find it too hard and leave it OR grab a trainer and finish the game quickly. Now to me thats stupid, they have the brass balls to steal something but then complain when they finish it quickly with a trainer, or complain when its too difficult because their skills are lacking because they dont have patience.

Anyways thats my view and 2 cents and the likes