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Well this is an easy one about S.Disk2

my burner is capable of burning safedisk 2. my question is...
do i need anything other than raw settings in clone cd to burn a 1:1 copy? i dont need beta blocker if im capable of burning sd2 do i??
just burn using the following settings??

Create a CD-Image using CloneCD with these settings:
Set Read Speed to 1x (176 kByte/s)
Select Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
Select Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks
Select Fast Error Skip
Set Read Retry to at least 5
Set Error correction to None
UnSelect Don't report bad sectors
UnSelect Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
When ready burn the CD-Image a CD-R using CloneCD with these settings:
Set Write Speed to any desired speed
Select RAW DAO
Select Don't Repair SubChannel Data
UnSelect Simulate Writing (if available)
Select Burn Proof/Just Link (if available)
unSelect Perform Laser Power Calibration
unSelect Wait until Buffers are full
Select Always close last Session

do i need to select the subchannel data from audio and data for safedisk 2?
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