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Originally Posted by shazzla View Post
@Razor12911 :

Few days ago i started playing with XTool 2008. Great job ! Thanks !
But i found this :

Frostpunk - On the edge (Is its streams ZLIB? It must be IMHO)

It cant precompress those .dat files. (For example ,common.dat and languages.dat were tested).
Common.dat nearly a 600 MB file,languages.dat is a much smaller.
In both case ,the output is the same.
Older generation of XTool (AFAIR V0.9) precompresses commond.dat well to ~1.5 GB, languages.dat ,too.
XTOOLs (older) setting was : 128mb
XTOOLs (2008) setting was : 128mb ,d0 and d9 ,after this 256mb. (doesnt matter)

In my other test i faced with this (dont remember what game,maybe Hellbound):
XTool 2008 inflation was 2 gigs AFAIR ,compressed with LOLZ ,after that compressed the game without XTOOL2008 and the same LOLZ parameters and it was smaller with some MBs ! (maybe a special case ,dont know)

ATM im away from my computer for the next...lot of days ,i cant send example files.

Keep up the good work !
will be waiting for the sample
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