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Originally Posted by Joe Forster/STA View Post
Wow, what a riddle! You have to remove the first 16 bytes (some kind of header) of the files so that they start with the FSB5 signature. Now they are FSB files (whatever that is), extract them into WAV with FMOD FSB files extractor. I have no idea how you can convert them back to FSB/WAVC.
Thanks for that reply! Upon further investigation, we might not need to go from wav back into wavc so your method will probably do the trick (although we're yet to test).

I'll update this comment with any progress my friend makes. I'm sure that they are also very grateful.

By the first 16 bytes, is this something that would be removed using notepad or hex editor etc...? I'm sorry if that's more of a schoolboy question however that's out of my own curiosity.
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