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Originally Posted by Gupta View Post
> Can you explain to me designing SmallInstaller(what are its components and how it works)?

I was asking how it works in CIU?
I did not understand the question.
SmallInstaller is similar to the normal Installer page, but is displayed with a full screen or video slide show while installing the game.
The installer is resized and the corresponding images are loaded when starting the installation.

SmallInstaller options in Setup.ini sections:
[SmallButton] >> Group of button (Common value for all small buttons. Value is used if the section key corresponding to the button does not exist.)
[SmallCancelButton] >> Button is positioned on the right side of smallInstaller by default, but the value left, top can be entered.
[SmallMusicButton] >> Button is positioned on the left side of smallInstaller by default, but the value left, top can be entered.
[EqualizerButtonSI] >> Same property as other equalizers, but displayed in the smallinstaller.
[SmallInstaller] >> All major SmallInstaller settings
[ProgressBarSI] >> Positioning the SmallInstaller progress bar.
[PercentLabelSI] >> SmallInstaller installation percentage display label

Images used in SmallInstaller:
SmallButton.png \ SmallButtonSelected.png \ SmallButtonClicked.png
SmallCancel.png \ SmallCancelSelected.png \ SmallCancelClicked.png
SmallMusic.png \ SmallMusicSelected.png \ SmallMusicClicked.png
EqualizerSI.png \ EqualizerSISelected.png \ EqualizerSIDisabled.png
SmallInstaller.bmp \ SmallInstaller.png \ SmallInstaller_<LANG>.png

To display smallInstaller in version, you need at least one slide image in the Setup\Background folder and the image of smallInstaller in the Setup\Setup folder.
Setup\Background\1.jpg or Setup\Background\1.png or Setup\Background\FlashBG.swf (need Flash Installed)

In CIU to change between Installer and SmallInstaller during installation just use a double click on the installer/smallinstaller interface.
Download a demo video HERE (Some features seen in the video are new in the beta)

I think you should just consult the file "_Setup.ini" in the CIU "Help" folder and create your designer including all the keys from _Setup.ini you can get.
If you are in doubt about what each key is for, send me the section / key that I explain better.

On site buttons all site buttons can have a common site (required) and it also supports a site for each language.

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