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Great job!
It got a lot better now.

Try importing the Shadow of the Tomb Raider installer (CIU theme
You will see some things that are not correct.

- The default shadow value is 2 for both.
ShadowMoveX and ShadowMoveY will be increased by this value.
If ShadowMoveX=0 and ShadowMoveY=0 the shadow must be positioned 2 pixels to the right and 2 pixels below (default)
ShadowMoveX and ShadowMoveY are not supporting negative values like -4 for example (LabelX, LabelY must support negative values too).

Error found when using the Shadow of the Tomb Raider installer:

- The remnants of the autorun labels are disabled and the shadow position is not incorrect.
- LabelX and LabelY must move the entire label + shadow together.
- The MusicIconAR button is not visible because if musicIcoAR is superimposed on the MusicAR button it behaves like a single button. In this case MusicIconAR is defined as disabled (I think the designer does not yet support this).
- The designer is not loading the correct fonts for the button label (Font#.ttf included in the installer).
- The caption for WebSite1 should not include the value "1" (but this is not so important).

- The placement of the example TextBG labels is not in the correct Top position (Welcome is well below what it should be).
- The Cloze/Minimize button is showing caption (There is no caption on these buttons)
- The SmallMusic/SmallCancel button is being displayed in the installer (I think the designer doesn't support SmallInstaller yet).

I hope these comments are useful for you.
Thanks for the work!
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