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Ive added a few of the posts which may help people to solve refferer and or Download problems.

For Zonealarm (Posted by Empire)

If you get an empty referrer (e.g.: referrer = ) then this mean you are using privacy software or a download manager which kills the referrer

Turn on referrer checking for dl.gamecopyworld in ZoneAlarm:
1. Goto the ZoneAlarm Control Center.
2. Click the "Privacy" tab on the left.
3. Click the "Site List" tab on top.
4. Click the "Add" button and enter this URL:
5. Click "" in the "Site" list, in the "Entry Detail" part it should say "Site Name".
6. Click the "Options" button.
7. In the "Site Options" window, click the "Cookies" tab (selected by default).
8. Click the "Reset to Default" button.
9. In the "Site Options" window, click the "Ad Blocking" tab.
10. Click the "Reset to Default" button. Or, at least, enable the "Banners/Skyscraper ads" option.
11. In the "Site Options" window, click the "Mobile Code" tab.
12. Click the "Reset to Default" button.
13. When ready click the "Ok" button.

For Kerio Personal Firewall (Posted by Empire)

Check this link (in German but it is easy to follow):

For Norton Internet Security (NIS) or Norton Personal Firewall (NPF), (Posted by thebluegr)

This has nothing to do with cookies, NIS is blocking referrers. Turn off the Privacy blocker in NIS, or instruct it to allow referrers. To do that, check here:
and here:

For Opera (Posted by pArtizAn)

Press F12 and switch on "Enable referrer logging".
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