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Originally Posted by Cesar82 View Post
I referred to using "Anchor" the caption of the label, because it is the side on which the equalizer animation is anchored.

But for manual editing of Setup.ini the Equalizer key Position= will no longer refer to the position of the Equalizer line (future versions of CIU).
The Position= key will be the alignment of the equalizer to the background (Similar to LangBox).
The current key Position= with the line position functionality will be called Anchor= (in future versions).
This key position will have one or two parameters separated by commas for full compatibility with previous versions of CIU.
It will be possible to use 9 combinations X, Y as:
Position= Left,Top
Position= Left,Center
Position= Left,Bottom

Position= Center,Top
Position= Center,Center
Position= Center,Bottom

Position= Right,Top
Position= Right,Center
Position= Right,Bottom
I didn't read it fully...

I'm thinking of adding anchor based support for button at least so to say anchor this button to left of the another button , tis is my biggest complain with razor's designer that i've to manually align everything
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