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Your problem is what I had before and surprisingly there is not much info about it. Only thank to Simonq help I got it right. Create separate folders inside Freearc/bin for compression and decompression, e.g. /COM and /DEC. Then place only compression related things to COM and only decompression related things to DEC. Otherwise you get conflicst you mentioned. But, FreeArc does not detect cld dll's in other than main directory, so you need to use Fazip for it(yes its all totally stupid).

Example, lolz:

COM dir >> lolz_x64.exe (only)
DEC dir >> cls.ini, cls-lolz.dll, cls-lolz_x64.exe, cls-lolz_x86.exe, fazip.exe
^Btw I think fazip must be 32bit but not sure.

Finally, arc.ini >>
[External compressor:lolz]
header = 0
packcmd = CMP\lolz_x64.exe {options} $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp
unpackcmd = DEC\fazip -i0 decompress:lolz <stdin> <stdout>
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