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Originally Posted by kj911 View Post
Works from ONE WAV-file compression. Multiple WAV compression not handle properly via switches and Arc.exe its crashed. Manually updating arc file use one WAV file its added again and again its very impossible.

More methods, use separated WAV->WV compression and put all *.WV file to one archive its works! See te attached packages. Required properly encoded WAV source files from during compression. The "MISSING FILES" directory contain three uncompressible, damaged WAV's not compressing the MSTS game files sets. (4998 file its work via 5001 files set. CRCs it OK!)

Mini compare (from my big test):

WAVPACK 4.80.0 x86 with "-hh -x6" + FreeArc 0.67 with "-mx" switches:
Results: 674 635kB (FreeArc temporary file: 673 358kB)**
with -mrep:512m switches: 673 414kB
Comp. time: ~155+20min; Decomp. time: ~10min

WAVPACK 4.80.0 x86 with "-f" + FreeArc 0.67 with "-mx" switches:
Results: 674 635kB (FreeArc temporary file: 709 262kB)**
with -mrep:512m switches: 711 083kB**
Comp. time: ~10+20min; Decomp. time: ~10min!

**Missing 3 files!!! Yes, don't use LZMA compression!

MSC+SREP: 634861kB (In last time.)

UPDATE: New results are posted it -->
Here's the arc setting useful.
[External compressor:wavpack]
header = 0
packcmd   = wavpack.exe -hh - $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp <stdin>
unpackcmd = wvunpack.exe - - <stdin> <stdout>
solid = 0
The only works by using one method. No need to add srep or lzma.
Compressed 5 files, 5,459,330 => 947,119 bytes. Ratio 17.35%                                                            
Compression time: cpu 0.02 sec/real 1.28 sec = 1%. Speed 4.25 mB/s                                                      
All OK
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