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Originally Posted by 78372 View Post
What about creating an index for this thread at the first post?
Originally Posted by KaktoR View Post
I don't think mods would update a third index, it'a alot of work.
Although I always appreciate suggestions etc KaktoR has answered this perfectly, the idea is to make it easier for Mods not harder. Keeping Index's updated regularly can be very time consuming ... trust me I know Ive been updating one for the last 12 years.
We try our best to make the site easy for members as well but it is not always possible to please everyone.

Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
I think putting games and their methods here is a terrible idea because there are so many of them, the wise solution to this is narrowing down the field, game engines for example or picking games as a series. for example, all Assassins Creed games are lzo compressed, use the method plzo+srep+lzma for all, because listing all the AC series just makes the thread difficult to read or the index you're suggesting.
For example I already see GTAIV and Max Payne 3, next we'll probably see GTAV, what we could have said all in all is pzlib+srep+lzma for all games that use the RAGE Engine which is what they use.
there is the list of games, what people could do is
put an engine with the link on a site like wikipedia that has list of games then put the method that should be used.
I will keep an eye on how the thread goes for a few weeks, after a few weeks we will see what may be able to be changed to make it easier for everyone.
Suggestions or ideas are always welcome but as you know we cant always implement them smoothly and easily.
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