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Ripping Ecco The Dolphine - start sector no. don't look right

I am ripping Ecco t Dolphine at the moment using hyperterminal, and am currently on the last track.However, the start sector for that track which hyper terminasl is displaying doesn't look correct to me as it is lower than the start sectors of tracks 03 and 04. The info is as follows:

Track03.iso.gz Start sector 45150, size 46765
Track04.raw.gz Start Sector 91915 - size 4027
Track05.iso.gz Start sector 5942 size 453358

the only thin I have noticed is that if you add the size to the start sector of track03 you get the start sector for track04, and if you add the size of track04 to its start sector, you get 95942, which, of course, if you loose the starting 9 gives you the start sector number given by hyper terminal. what is going on here and what number should I use as the qualifier in extract. I am ripping the PAL(UK) version of the game.

Please help
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